Chris & Karen discuss cold water tea bags, Karen moonlighting, meeting Lea Salonga, presents for teachers, part time vegans, heavy metal knitting ...View Details

Ep 13: Cancel The Horse

Chris & Karen discuss Karen's recent wedding, Mighty Hoopla festival, how to fill your last day, listening to your parents advice, Glastonbury and...View Details

Ep 12: Trump in a Lift

Chris & Karen discuss Might Hoopla festival, super powers, trumping, colonic irrigation, Marmite & vegan green smoothies

Chris & Karen discuss giving up coffee, Britains Got Talent, Karen's fear of puppets, a movie to watch every week, raw vegan sushi and the Spice G...View Details

Ep 10: Reg Asper

Chris & Karen discuss crystals, the Falkirk wheel, loving your job, tenderstem broccoli & baby carrots!

Ep 9: KaBoom!

Chris & Karen discuss Karen's gas leak, the Eurovision result, 9 to 5 the musical, pigeons, ASMR & Karen makes some raw chocolates!

Chris & Karen discuss popcorn, eye tests, Snapchat filters, dream jobs for a week, TV themes, exercising & Madonna.

Chris & Karen discuss Take That, Rick Astley, porn, vegan Sunday roasts, Saturday Superstore, Karen's competition fail, Look & Read, wedding l...View Details

No episode this week - Don't forget to enter our Spring Prize Draw!

Chris & Karen discuss not speaking, balls, Black Eyed Peas, board games, Cagney & Lacey, dream jobs as a child, starting a band, vegan fried r...View Details

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